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Despite High Gas Prices, Carolinians Plan to Travel in Record Numbers for Memorial Day Weekend

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (May 16, 2018) – AAA Carolinas projects an estimated 1,260,000 North Carolinians and 593,250 South Carolinians will travel this Memorial Day weekend, the highest Memorial Day travel volume since 2005 and an increase of 5% from last year. “Although Carolinians will be filling up at the pumps with the highest gas prices since 2014, […]

Gas Prices Rise Following White House Announcement to Withdraw from Iranian Nuclear Deal

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (May 14, 2018) – At $2.87, the national gas price average jumped six cents on the week in part due to the White House’s decision to re-impose sanctions on Iran. Motorists are seeing 19 percent of gas stations selling gas for $3.01 or more. Today’s national average is 16-cents more expensive than one […]

More Motorists Consider Going Electric in Next Vehicle Purchase

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (May 8, 2018) – American appetite for electric vehicles is heating up. A new AAA survey shows that 20 percent or 50 million Americans will likely go electric for their next vehicle purchase, up from 15 percent in 2017. With lower-than-average ownership costs, increased driving ranges and the latest advanced safety features, AAA sees […]

Carolinians Take Comfort in the Drop in Gas Prices – but Prices Expected to Rise

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (May 7, 2018) – Some Carolinians saw gas prices drop a penny or two on the week for the first time this year. Others across the state saw them continue to climb. With North Carolina’s state average at $2.67 and South Carolina’s at $2.55, the biggest trend on the week is price fluctuation. […]

April Ends with Most Expensive National Gas Price Average Since 2014

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (May 1, 2018) – Hitting $2.81, today’s national gas price average has reached the highest price per gallon since November 2014. Today’s national gas price average is 16-cents more expensive than last month and 43-cents more expensive that last year at this time. This year’s pump prices will not be reminiscent of 2014, […]

Week After Week, Gas Prices Tick Upward

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (April 25. 2018) – Gas prices continue to climb in the Carolinas. North Carolina’s current average is $2.67, a 4-cent increase on the week and a 19-cent increase on the month. South Carolina’s average is $2.54, a 5-cent increase on the week and a 15-cent increase on the month. The Energy Information Administration’s […]

EARTH DAY: AAA Offers Tips for Going Green Behind the Wheel

As Earth Day comes to a close, we are reminded of the importance of being environmentally conscious every day. Fortunately for motorists, taking steps to go greener on the roads will also save them money in the process. AAA offers the following tips for lessening our environmental impact when behind the wheel: Imagine Eggs Under […]

National Gas Price Average Hits Highest Price Since Summer 2015

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (April 16, 2018) – At $2.71, gas prices are at their most expensive point in nearly three years and continue to climb. On the week, the national average increased a nickel. “Expensive crude oil prices, unrest in the Middle East and strong domestic demand, are some of the factors driving spring gas prices […]

On the Week, National Gas Price Average Holds Steady at Highest Price of the Year

​CHARLOTTE, N.C. (April 9, 2018) – Nationally at $2.66, gas prices are just one penny away from topping the $2.67 high of 2017. Locally, prices continue to be the highest Carolinians have seen all year.North Carolina’s state average hit $2.55 today – a one cent jump on the week and a 15 cent jump on […]

 Gas Prices Continue to Spike as Easter Weekend Approaches

 CHARLOTTE, N.C. (March 30, 2018) – Gas prices are spiking across the Carolinas as Easter weekend draws near. North Carolina’s average today is $2.54, which is eight cents more than a week ago and 14 cents more than this time last month. South Carolina’s average today is $2.44 – eight cents more than this time […]