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AAA Car Care fluid Maintenance & Exchanges

AAA Car Care Fluid Maintenance & Exchanges

Our Car Care technicians can perform system fluid exchange services for automatic or manual transmissions, plus: cooling system, power steering, and brake fluid exchanges, as well as service fluids to prevent costly repairs. Make an appointment today!

AAA Car Care offers:

  • Cooling System Fluid Exchange Service
  • Transmission Fluid Exchange Service
  • Power Steering Fluid Exchange Service
  • Brake Fluid Exchange Service
  • Transfer Case and Differential Fluid Exchange Services

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Free Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection

At AAA Car Care, we provide our customers with education. We want you to feel confident about your service decisions. When you come in to AAA Car Care, we offer a free vehicle inspection to make sure we don’t overlook an important service for your car. If we find something unexpected, we can service it before it needs costly repairs; if we don’t find anything wrong, you get peace of mind.

The importance of maintaining your vehicle’s fluids

Regular vehicle maintenance is a crucial part of car ownership. An essential part of this process is maintaining and servicing as recommended by your owner’s manual. Here are the basics about fluids and which ones need your attention. READ MORE

Why fluid maintenance is crucial

There are several fluids and oils in your car that are subjected to high pressure and high heat. These fluids lubricate the particular units they are in and act as cleaning agents for these systems, and like dishwater, should be changed regularly. See just a few examples of these important fluids within your vehicle. READ MORE


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At AAA Car Care, we are committed to making car care affordable and providing peace of mind.

Car Care Services

Car Care Services

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