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Is Your Check Engine Light On?

If your “Check Engine” light is on, don’t delay! Bring your vehicle into your local AAA Carolinas Car Care center. We can diagnose the problem, fix it, and get you safely back on the road. We also have services to improve fuel and engine efficiency.

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My check engine light is on. What do I do?

Don’t panic! If it’s steady, get to your nearest Car Care Center as soon as you’re able. If it’s flashing, pull over and call Emergency Roadside Services (800-AAA-HELP). Your car’s electronic sensors monitor hundreds of conditions. What it could be: READ MORE

Free Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection

At AAA Car Care, we provide our customers with education. We want you to feel confident about your service decisions. When you come in to AAA Car Care, we offer a free vehicle inspection to make sure we don’t overlook an important service for your car. If we find something unexpected, we can service it before it needs costly repairs; if we don’t find anything wrong, you get peace of mind.


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At AAA Car Care, we are committed to making car care affordable and providing peace of mind.

Car Care Services

Car Care Services

Take AAA with you and you’ll never travel alone. We provide car care you can trust.