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With a AAA Premium Battery, you can be sure your vehicle will start every time. What makes AAA Batteries better?

  • Guaranteed Fresh. Batteries start losing power while they’re sitting on the shelf. That’s why every battery we sell is less than 150 days old: you know it’s fresh and full-power.
  • Free Test. Sometimes you don’t need a new battery, you just need a jump. We’ll do a free test for you. We’ll never try to sell you a battery you don’t need.
  • Unmatched Warranty. Our batteries come with a 6-Year Club Assist Battery Warranty. 3 full years replacement, plus an additional 3 years of partial coverage. No other battery warranty comes close.
  • Great Prices. You can save up to $25 compared to retail prices. If you’re a AAA member, we can come to you, install it for you, and haul away your old battery – FREE.
  • We Come To You. We can come test and replace your batte​​ry, whether you’re on the side of the road or just in your driveway.

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Not a AAA Member? You can still save on auto batteries! Pick up a Premium AAA Battery at your nearest AAA Car Care center. Join AAA today to get free mobile service and experience the wealth of membership benefits.

AAA also offers AAA Battery Tender, our exclusive battery charger. Check it out today!

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