215X140 AAA Roadside Assistance is designed to get you on the go again. If your vehicle cannot be safely driven after attempting one of our on-the-go emergency roadside services we will tow your vehicle.

As a AAA member you have three towing service options: 


Option 1)

Your vehicle may be towed to the AAA Service Provider’s station that responded to your call or to a AAA Car Care Center free of charge (if available within 10 miles).

Option 2)

Your vehicle may be towed to a destination you select. The first three miles of towing is free of charge. Plus and Plus/RV members receive up to 100 miles and Premier members receive 200 miles of towing service free of charge.

Option 3)

Your vehicle may be towed to a destination of your choice. If the destination is more than three miles from the disablement the AAA Basic member rate of $4.00 per mile beyond the first three miles is charged (rate subject to change). Plus and Plus/RV members are charged $4.00 for each additional mile beyond the 100 free miles of towing (rate subject to change). Premier and Premier/RV members receive one tow for 200 miles per membership year, and additional tows up to 100 miles. Mileage beyond the membership allowance will result in $4.00 per each additional mile. Changes for mileage beyond these limits must be paid by the member at the time of service and are not reimbursable.

Important Towing Service Restrictions

Vehicles that have been modified by the owner can increase the risk of possible damage when towed or serviced. Therefore,
AAA reserves the right to refuse to tow or service any vehicle on the grounds of safety and liability.

Due to many roadside assistance needs occurring after business hours, when most repair garages are closed; your vehicle may be towed to a place of safekeeping. You may be charged for vehicle storage and may be assessed a second service call and/or appropriate mileage charges for the subsequent tow.

Not all vehicles require flatbed service. If you request this service and the AAA Towing manual does not require your vehicle to use a flatbed, you may be charged additional fees. The final decision on how to safely service your vehicle is left to the discretion of AAA technician at the roadside location.

The following are non-eligible vehicles:

•    Taxi Cab
•    Limousines
•    Unlicensed vehicles
•    Light duty trailers - boat trailers and horse trailers
•    Loaded vehicles

The following are non-eligible service locations:

  • •    Beaches
    •    Vacant lots
    •    Construction sites
    •    Creek beds
    •    Open Fields
    •    Boat Ramps
    •    Rivers
    •    Lakes
    •    Forest Service Roads