Membership Levels


AAA offers different levels of membership so you can get the right coverage you need for you and your family.  All levels have access to our world-class roadside assistance and over 160,000 discounts nationwide.  Check out the annual costs and coverage comparison chart below to see which level is best for you!



 Annual Membership Costs


 *A full-year upgrade from Basic to Plus would cost $30 for the first member and $5 for the second member. The 6-month prorated amount is half of that total cost ($35) = $17.50.


** A full-year upgrade would cost $30 for the first member and $10 for each additional member. The 3-month prorated amount is 1/4 of that total cost ($40) = $10.


Prices above include a one-time $10 enrollment fee charged the first year of membership only.



 Which Coverage is Best for You?


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The average annual household savings, of those households receiving AAA discounts, is $110. See how membership pays for itself!