Traffic Safety Courses

215X140Whether you have received a traffic ticket or just want to sharpen your driving skills, AAA’s Traffic Safety Courses can help!

Most drivers learned to drive as teenagers through driver education provided by a school or parent. However, with technology advancing each day, it’s important to continue to update your driving techniques. If it has been awhile since you refreshed your skills, it may be time to enroll in a AAA Traffic Safety Course.

If you have been charged with a moving violation in North Carolina, South Carolina or Virginia, you may be eligible to attend AAA’s Traffic Safety Course. Successful course completion may entitle you to a reduced charge or dismissal of your citation. Contact the district attorney in the county where you received your ticket for eligibility.

Two convenient ways to attend traffic safety school – classroom and online!​ ​

Classroom Traffic Safety School:

  • Taught by experienced AAA-certified instructors
  • Several convenient locations
  • Offered on Saturdays
  • Available in 5-hour and 8-hour formats
  • You will be presented with a certificate at the end of your course
  • Sign up online or by calling 866-741-6668

Online Traffic Safety School:

  • Take on your own time, in the comfort of your home
  • Updated regularly to include the most recent information
  • Complete at your leisure– the site remembers where you stopped
  • Your certificate will be mailed to your house
  • Customer support available 24/7 to help you when you need it by calling 800-723-1955
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Fleet Safety Courses


Courses are designed to improve employee driving safety while helping reduce insurance rates, claims, and litigation by preventing crashes and lowering the number of traffic
violations your drivers receive.