Information For Teens & Parents

215X140 AAA cares about the safety of your teen driver just as much as you do. We’re here to help with a full range of tools, information and products to guide you and your teen throughout the learning-to-drive process.


  • Keys 2 Drive – Our parent/teen driver web site provides an easy way to work through each step of the driving process. The site contains information including:
    • How to choose a driver education program
    • Parent-teen driving agreements
    • State-specific licensing laws
    • Information on deciding when solo driving is permitted
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  • AAA StartSmart – Sign up to receive a series of newsletters focusing on how you and your teen driver can work together to reduce risks and increase safety.
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  • - Our teen-centered distracted driving site features videos, stories, discussions and contests which focuses on the dangers of this deadly habit.
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Teen Driving Products

  • Driver Zed – This computer simulation program helps teen drivers recognize and avoid driving hazards. The DVD ROM puts your teen into 100 live-action situat​ions – the equivalent of several years of actual driving.
  • Teaching Your Teens to Drive - Our interactive parent-teen program gradually introduces teen drivers to the world of driving. Includes a handbook with 13 lessons for you and an informative 60-minute DVD.

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In The News

  • New research from AAA shows that risky behaviors climb when peer passengers are onboard. Read More...
  • AAA has rated the Top Ten 2012 cars for new teen drivers. Read More...
  • The popular comic strip, Zits, raises the awareness of the dangers of texting while driving through AAA resources targeted at teens. Read More…
  • According to a 2010 AAA and Seventeen Magazine survey, 86 percent of teens have driven while distracted. Read More…


Driving Schools

AAA's high standards for quality - help ensure drivers get the best training available.

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You Drive. You Text. You Die.


 Distracted driving has emerged as the latest dangerous behind-the-wheel behavior. Check out what AAA Carolinas Traffic Safety Foundation is doing to help increase awareness of this dangerous driving behavior.


 Looking for a car for your teen driver?


We sell new, used and certified used vehicles of various makes and models. At AAA Auto Sales we can help you find a vehicle that is safe, reliable and affordable for your new teen driver. Search our online used vehicle inventory or contact a Auto Sales Specialist today.


 AAA Auto Insurance


AAA Insu​rance and The Members Insurance Com​pany are committed to being your partners in ensuring our teenagers are safe on
the road.​​

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