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Many factors go into selecting new tires: traction, weather conditions, handling, load capacity, fuel efficiency, tread life, looks, warranty and price. Driving conditions in the Carolinas vary significantly. Your AAA Car Care tire professional can help you strike the proper balance.

Visit a AAA Car Care location or call 866-727-8698 and we will assist you with choosing the right tires for your vehicle based on make, model, year, size, load index and speed rating.

  • Browse and purchase tires from the comfort of your own home.

  • Free Shipping to any local Car Care location

  • Special member discounts

  • A wide selection of sizes and name brand tires


At AAA Car Care locations, we provide the following tire services:

  • A wide selection of sizes and name brand tires 

  • Tire Rotation and Balance

  • Alignment Services

More information about tire services:


Your tires wear differently depending on proper inflation, balancing and alignment. Excessive wear can result in a loss of traction, especially on wet and slippery roads.  Maintaining proper tread depth on your tires is essential to making sure your vehicle is safe to drive. When using a tread depth gauge, tires need to have at least 1/16-in. of tread or more as this is the minimum amount of tread allowed by law.

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