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A wheel alignment is a series of mechanical adjustments made to a vehicle’s steering and suspension system.  Contrary to popular belief, wheel alignment generally does not cause or reduce vibrations.  Additionally, drivers may not realize their vehicles are out of alignment, as some wearing angles can be enough out of specification to wear tires, but may not offer drivers enough feedback to be noticed.  It’s a good idea to have your vehicle’s wheel alignment checked by a professional at least once each year. 

The goal of wheel alignment is to adjust your car’s suspension and steering systems so all the tires are aimed in the same direction as the geometric centerline of your vehicle, and to ensure your vehicle’s steering wheel is centered.  

If you would like to have your wheel alignment evaluated, your nearby AAA Car Care location will check it for FREE! ​

A wheel alignment consists of three primary adjustments:

Toe - Toe affects the way your vehicle handles and is a wearing angle.  Too much toe-in or toe-out can virtually erase the tread on your tires.  It is just like scrubbing a pencil eraser back and forth on a rough surface! 

Camber - Similar to toe, camber also affects handling and is a wearing angle.  If your vehicle’s camber angles are incorrectly adjusted your tires can quickly wear on the edges, which may not be appropriate for street driving and enhancing tread life. 

Caster - Caster affects handling and on-center feel.  It is more of a handling angle than a wearing angle, but incorrect angles can create odd wear patterns. 

When adjusted properly to vehicle manufacturer specifications, these three angles work together to insure a straight tracking vehicle that steers and handles correctly, does not pull to one side or the other, and extends the life of your tires. 

 A properly aligned vehicle will pay you several additional dividends, including: 

- Better fuel economy

- Longer lasting suspension components due to reduced wear and tear

Lower levels of driver fatigue

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